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Phases in the Job Hunting Life Cycle

By Steven Mosytn, The CEO of Career Boost Group and built a global reputation a world-leading expert in job hunting strategies.

March 9, 2023

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There are 3 major phases of the job hunting life cycle. Each is essential in landing a new job.

The following article will explain the different phases in the job hunting life cycle.

They are:

  1. Creating a resume/online profile
  2. Searching for a job
  3. Effective interviewing

Many professionals go their entire careers without developing these three major skills. When it comes time to search for a job, they are often frustrated and wonder why they can’t get hired.

Think of the job hunting life cycle like a clock. If any pieces of the clock are broken, the clock will not work. When job seekers lack in any of these three major phases, they have problems in their quest for employment.

If you do not work to improve in each of these phases, you will have a more difficult time landing a job. In fact, you could, in theory, be good at interviewing (phase 3) but if you have a lousy resume/profile (phase 1) and are not good at searching for a job (phase 2), you will have a harder time landing a role. You will not be able to get into the front door and nail your interview because you didn’t make it past the first or second phase. On the flip side, you could be a lousy interview but have a killer resume and be good at job searches – you breeze past phases 1 and 2 but when you get to the 3rd phase, employers won’t hire you due to your poor interviewing skills.

Examine your job hunting life cycle. Systematically work to improve your skill in any or all of the three phases where you are weaker. When your 3 life cycle phases are strong, you will have a higher probability of gaining new employment.

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Don’t beat yourself up if your resume is weak, your job search skills are shaky, or your interviewing leaves something to be desired. You can improve. The succeeding chapters will help you strengthen your skills. With knowledge and practice, you’ll have a healthy job hunting life cycle and can look forward to a lifetime of success.

Steven Mosytn
Steven Mosytn

Steven Mostyn has built a global reputation as the world-leading expert in job hunting strategies. Steven is the CEO of Alpha IT Recruitment and Career Boost Group