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How to Look for Jobs on ZipRecruiter

By Steven Mosytn, The CEO of Career Boost Group and built a global reputation a world-leading expert in job hunting strategies.

March 9, 2023

This Article Will Give You Information On How to Look for Jobs on Zip Recruiter

ZipRecruiter –

ZipRecruiter is one of the fastest-growing job sites. It works differently than most job boards, posting jobs on hundreds of job boards and websites. Another great advantage of using ZipRecruiter is getting email job alerts. I highly recommend using this tool to search for jobs and be easily found by employers.

Please note: ZipRecruiter’s format is constantly changing; therefore, there is a chance the information in this article could change over time.

How to Create a Resume Profile on ZipRecruiter

Creating a resume profile on ZipRecruiter makes it easy for recruiters to find you by searching the ZipRecruiter database. It also allows you to get job alerts from employers.

Here’s how to create a resume profile on ZipRecruiter

Step 1 – Go to and you will be taken to a page to register for an account. To register, you will need to fill in three sections: Enter Your Basic Info, Create a Job Alert, & Upload Your Resume. Below you will find more information on all three.

a) Enter Your Basic Info – Enter your name and email address.

b) Create a Job Alert – This section allows you to get daily email job alerts. Type in the title of the job you’re looking for, and the location of jobs based on city, state or ZIP Code. With most of the job alerts, you can apply for jobs with one click. Signing up for daily email alerts is not required but is highly recommended.

c) Upload Your Resume – Upload your existing resume and then click the green Create Account button at the bottom.

Step 2 – After completing the registration, ZipRecruiter gives you the option of signing up for job alerts by text. I recommend doing this; you’ll have the advantage of getting real-time job alerts sent right to your phone. You’ll be able to apply for jobs before other job seekers who do not use this feature.

How to Look for Jobs on ZipRecruiter

Looking for jobs on ZipRecruiter is a simple process. It might very well be the easiest job site to use.

There are 4 ways to look for jobs on ZipRecruiter.
1. Sign up for email job alerts, which you should have already done when you registered.
2. Sign up for mobile job alerts.
3. Look for jobs under Suggested Jobs, which is found in the top right corner when you are logged into the system. It will bring up jobs based on your job title.
4. Search for jobs by job title and location. It is just like setting up job alerts.

You can quickly apply to many of the jobs you find on ZipRecruiter. For jobs that you can’t quick apply to, you will be taken to the employer’s website or landing page to apply for the job.


Creating a resume and looking for jobs on ZipRecruiter is essential because it is one of the fastest growing job sites.

Steven Mosytn
Steven Mosytn

Steven Mostyn has built a global reputation as the world-leading expert in job hunting strategies. Steven is the CEO of Alpha IT Recruitment and Career Boost Group