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How to Look for Jobs on Facebook

By Steven Mosytn, The CEO of Career Boost Group and built a global reputation a world-leading expert in job hunting strategies.

March 9, 2023

You’ll also learn what information to add to your profile so that you will pop up on recruiters’ radars.

Facebook –

Facebook is the largest social media site, with over 2 billion active users and growing.

Most job seekers already have a Facebook profile but do not realize that they can search for jobs on Facebook. Having a detailed Facebook profile also increases the likelihood of recruiters finding you and sending you ads about jobs.

Please note: Facebook’s format is constantly changing; therefore, there is a chance the information in this article could change over time.

Searching for Job Ads on Facebook

Facebook has a new feature that allows some users to look for jobs. It is quite a new feature so the search might be limited, but it is still worth seeing what job ads are out there. Below you will find the steps to look for a job on Facebook.

Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – On the Jobs page, you can search for jobs based on the city you have listed on your Facebook profile. You can search for jobs by clicking Industry, Job Type, or by typing in keywords in the search bar in the top left corner. The search results will pop up and, if you find a job you like, select Apply Now and you will be taken to the company’s landing page to apply for the job.

Looking for Jobs in Facebook Groups

Another place to look for jobs on Facebook is in Facebook groups. Many professions have set up groups on Facebook where, in some cases, jobs are posted by recruiters, hiring managers, and even helpful members of your profession. You can find groups and search for jobs in them in 2 easy steps.

Step 1 – Login to your Facebook account and type your profession in the top search bar. For example, if you are a nurse you would type “nurse.” Different nurse-themed Facebook pages will be shown, and scrolling down, you will find Groups for Nurses. The best group to join might be one geared towards jobs, such as Nurse Jobs. Most professions have groups like this. Press Join to join the group.

Step 2 – After you get a notification that you are approved, you can look to see if the group has threads about jobs. If it does, look for the ones that interest you and apply. Not all groups have posts about jobs. If they do not, you can leave the group.

Post that You Are Looking for a Job

In your group, unless it restricts posts, you can try posting that you are looking for a job. Recruiters, hiring managers, and members of your profession might see your post and send you job ads, or refer you to people they know who have job openings.

Make sure that your post is simple and to the point, for example: “Looking for a new role as an RN in Philadelphia. If someone knows of any roles, please let me know.”

How to Get More Ads about Jobs on Your Facebook Feed

Have you ever gotten ads on your Facebook feed? Many people get targeted ads based on their Facebook profile.

Ads about jobs are no different. Some recruiters will set up ads targeted to a certain audience. By selecting specific job titles and companies, their ad will be sent to Facebook profiles that match those keywords. For example, if a recruiter was looking to reach Java Developers in San Jose, they would set up a Facebook ad with the keywords “San Jose”, “Java” and “developer.” Facebook users who live near San Jose and have the words “Java” and “developer” in their profiles would get that ad on their feed.

How do you add keywords to your Facebook profile so that you will be selected to receive job ads?

Step 1 – Go to your Facebook page and click on the About icon at the top.

Step 2 – In the About page, fill in more information about yourself, specifically: education, job titles, and companies where you have worked.

Help Recruiters Find Your Facebook Page

Help recruiters find your Facebook profile by listing all your job titles and companies you’ve worked for. Recruiters often search for job candidates by using companies and job titles as keywords, so having these in your Facebook profile increases the chances of them finding you. Then they might contact you about jobs by emailing you on Facebook or finding your contact information.


Facebook is more than just a fun social media site; it can also be a great tool to look for jobs. Remember to increase your visibility by including your job history and education in your profile. Recruiters and employers just might send you ads about job opportunities.

Steven Mosytn
Steven Mosytn

Steven Mostyn has built a global reputation as the world-leading expert in job hunting strategies. Steven is the CEO of Alpha IT Recruitment and Career Boost Group